If you want great fresh pizzas then there is only one place to go

                               9inch    12inch    15inch

  • The C+T                   £5.50     £7.75     £9.00

The Classic pizza base. Topped with tomato and delicious mozzarella cheese.

  • The Vegi                   £7.00     £10.00   £12.50

Starting with a C+T and then smothering it in mushrooms, onions and mixed peppers and sweetcorn.

  • The Hawaiian          £7.00     £10.00     £12.50

Juicy ripe pineapple, succulent ham and fresh mushrooms. The taste of the tropics.

  • The UK                   £7.00     £10.00      £12.50

British ham, British mushrooms and of course, British onions. Rule Britannia and swing low sweet chariot.

  • The Meaty              £7.00     £10.00     £12.50

Lots of pepperoni, lots of ham and again lots

of spicy beef. The one for meat lovers everywhere.

  • The Italian Job       £7.00     £10.00      £12.50

Pepperoni, onion, chorizo sausage and chopped tomatoes with a sprinkling of oregano. Good enough to blow the bl**dy doors off.

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