festive menu

Prosecco cocktail £6

Start the evening off with some bubbles or

mocktail alternative £4


Hummus with seeded flatbread and olives £5

Sharing gooey whole camembert with Garlic bread £6

Lamb feta and mint kofta £5

 Sharing cheesy nachos with dips £6

Chicken wings hot n spicy or bbq £4.50


Lamb, feta and mint kofta with salad fries and flatbread £12

Bucket of bones with coleslaw and fries £14

Any 9” pizza from menu

Mac n cheese with salad and garlic bread £12

Brie, bacon, cranberry burger with coleslaw and fries £12

Burrito, fries and salad £12 (choose chicken or vegi) £12

Enchilada, fries and salad £12 (choose chicken or vegi) £12

Roast veg and halloumi  salad £12



Choose from the dessert menu

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